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GAAD lightning talks on tech, empathy and social inclusion

We’re seeing an increased interest in the subject of empathy in design, and it’s about time. As creators of things that other people have to use, it’s always a good idea to be able to understand what people do, and how they do it.

This coming 9 May (Thursday) is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Events are being organised organically in each city to mark the day, and Sydney has something special lined up for us to flex our empathy muscles.

So this coming 9 May, come to an evening of lightning talks at A11yBytes – a11y being the shorthand for “accessibility” (11 characters between a and y), and bytes because – ok, ok… You get it. It’s a community event focused on raising the profile of digital accessibility.

A11Y Bytes. 9 May. 7 lightning talks. 6 pm. Mr B’s Hotel at 396 Pitt St.

There’s a great line-up of diverse and mind-widening lightning talks around social inclusion, technology use, gamestoring and more. This isn’t just for web geeks – it’s for anyone who wants to learn what accessibility means in this day and age, and how systems and technology can affect and enhance life. The heart of accessibility is not about guidelines or codes or regulations. It’s about people, and life, and how we live, how we access information, and how our lives are affected by the technologies of today.

So what are you doing on 9 May? Grab your free ticket to A11yBytes, bring a friend, and come learn something new over a beer or two, and flex those empathy muscles!

Vimily talks to you at webBlastSYD

At the last webBlastSYD, in the gorgeous Pumphouse, Darling Harbour a few crack interviewers from Vimily came along to ask a few questions and demo their innovative technology to record, edit and distribute interviews and vox-pops quickly and efficiently.

A matrix of headshots

Each person was asked 5 questions, and each question was automatically separated out into 20-30 second video clips and published on the Vimily site. The amazing thing was that everyone knew they were there, recording, but they created no interference to the event, surreptitiously taking part in and encouraging the discussions on the floor but not disturbing the vibe of the evening.

if you’re interested, talk to Katrin after you’ve had a look at the vids to see if they’ll work for your event.

webBlast March 2011, REGISTER NOW!

Happy New Year y’all!

Well, no sooner is summer over and done with, and the nights are drawing in, it’s WebBlast time again!

It’s on at the Pumphouse in Darling Harbour, and is as free as it always has been.  Also, this time round we welcome a couple of great new sponsors – Stamford Interactive, and our main sponsor for the night – Ninefold .  It’s great to have so much love for our event out there, makes our jobs organising it so much more enjoyable.

As well as our new sponsors, we’re equally pumped to welcome back our existing sponsors Campaign Monitor, Happener, Microsoft and Sassy SEO.

Tickets will be made available here from noon Tuesday, 8 March. Register Now!

Oh and a bit more housekeeping… Unfortunately, even after our pleas to not waste tickets last time, we still saw a significant absentee rate, so this time we’re trying something different – one ticket per registration.  It helps us get a more accurate idea of who’s coming down to WebBlast,  and more importantly who isn’t. You were great at sending your apologies so we could free more tickets last time, we still would appreciate that, but we’d also like to just release the right amount, so we can continue to keep the event free.

So if you need more than one ticket, you’ll just need to tweet it or email it to your colleague so they can follow the link to the registration page.  If you have any better suggestions how we manage this, we’d love to hear from you!

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