You may know WebBlast from the excellent annual Christmas parties organised by Russ Weakley on behalf of WIPA.  Well, we’ve decided you should have a bit more of a good thing, and have expanded the event out to be much more regular.  In fact, every couple of months or so.  We think there isn’t a networking night in Sydney that covers all people involved in the web industry, or if there is, it doesn’t happen anywhere near often enough.  So here we are, and our first event is timed perfectly to co-incide with Australian Web Week, and the fabulous Web Directions South conference.  In fact, we’re holding the inaugural event on the middle night of the conference!

And the best bit?  It’s absolutely, utterly FREE OF CHARGE.  All you need to do is register over there at EventBrite, and we’ll see you there!

We’re holding it at the PumpHouse Bar in Darling Harbour, which is between the Chinese Gardens and the Sydney Entertainment Centre.  Just over the road in fact from the conference itself, so you don’t have to worry about transport to the venue.  We’re starting after the drinks at the conference finish (around 8pm).

Be sure to tell your friends and colleagues, every WebBlast previously has ‘sold out’ well before the night, so don’t just hope to rock up after the conference and hope for the best.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Alan & Joe