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WebBlast would only be a few people having a discussion in the corner of a remote hotel without the generosity and support of its sponsors. From those who come armed with a few gifts for the attendees, through to those sponsors who commit financial support over several webBlasts, our supporters are the lifeblood of the event and the foundation for a strong and healthy member base. Over the next coming events we hope to be able to do more with our sponsors, to expand their input into the community and look forward to your suggestions as to what you’d like more of at coming events.

Campaign Monitor offers everything a designer needs to run successful email marketing campaigns for themselves and their clients. You can even rebrand the interface, create sub-accounts for your clients and let them send their own campaigns. Start an account for free at: www.campaignmonitor.com @campaignmonitor

LaVolta is Australia’s leading executive digital recruitment consultancy. We have a long history in the online people business which dates back to 1996 with the launch of Mills Harding, Australia’s first specialist digital recruitment firm. LaVolta Consulting was launched in 2001 as our re-birth to continue our support for the digital media industry.  Greg Dwyer, founder of Happener joined us as Digital Director in July 2012 strengthening our technical and user experience practices.  LaVolta is very pleased to continue Greg’s relationship with the digital community through our support of WebBlast. lavolta.com.au @SallyM_laVolta


EngineRoom is the co-working space for digital services businesses and freelancers. Born out of the work started with Fishburners, we’re expanding EngineRoom to cater for a wider set of technology startups, who often haven’t yet settled on that killer product concept. We fill the spaces with people who are exceptional executors in all aspects of web and mobile production and marketing. The end result is a community that can compete with much bigger agencies by combining forces and collaborating on projects, and a space where you can find an expert on anything who is in a position to help you start a new business. EngineRoom launched in Darlinghurst in 2012 and has just opened its second space in Chippendale. www.enginerm.com @enginermAU

UBER is a smartphone app that you can use to book classy hire cars to pick you up in minutes. Normally we cost 20-30% more than taxis, for a 500% better experience. We’re in over 30 cities around the world, including New York, London, Paris and now Sydney. www.uber.com @Uber_Sydney

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