Webblast is organised by Alan James, Joseph Ortenzi and Caryn Wilson.

The one thing we have in common is a desire to help facilitate cross-discipline conversations in the web industry. Between us we’re probably no more than one or two degrees of separation away from anyone across the spectrum of web professionals in Sydney. Unlike Groucho Marx‘s edict that he’d never want to join a club that would have him as a member, webBlast is the result of a desire to create the sort of networking event we’d want to attend ourselves. We are consistently humbled by the number of people who think the same. Thank you to everyone who either comes to webBlast to meet friends and strangers, and to all the sponsors who have ever supported webBlast.

In our own words:

Alan James

a.k.a.: @adventia

I’ve been involved in web since 1995, which is pretty much the beginning from a business point of view.  Started by building Siemens’ first industry website in the UK, then moved to Australia in ’99.

Since then I’ve worked for all sorts of companies – Expedia, St. George Bank, Clayton Utz, Thomson Reuters, even did my spell in agency-land working for OneDigital.  In 2002 I decided to start my own web agency – Adventia Consulting, which I’ve done ever since.  I’m pretty much a jack of all trades, but mainly a .NET developer and architect. I build websites and web applications in all sizes and shapes!

Oh and I help organise WebBlast once every three months.

And play a bit of squash, and watch any sport that England beats Australia in.

Joseph Ortenzi

a.k.a.: @wheelyweb

I’m a user experience consultant, interaction designer and inclusive design advocate, in Sydney since 2008 and still amazed at the range of awesomness centred in this city. I’ve experienced the web from both client-and agency side, and have serviced Gov, Finance, Commerce, Retail, and Corporate organisations.

I have been making websites since 1996, when the internet was on the other end of a “blisteringly-fast” 28k modem and a search of any description would never return 360,000,000 pages. I’ve spent the last 16 years online; the first half of that spent designing and developing websites, flash applications, online advertising, microsites, web applications and bespoke Content Management Systems. More recently, I’ve been concentrating on strategy, technical leadership, user research, knowledge sharing, usability, accessibility, and compliance.

When I’m not webBlasting I’m terrorising pedestrians on my bike, scaring the neighbours with my amateur bass-playing and  complaining about the state of e-commerce in Australia.

Caryn Wilson

a.k.a.:  @misswired

I started working in the IT industry in the late 1990’s as a web developer, and quickly adapted to be able to traverse the business/technical communications gap.

This led to the founding of an Internet consultancy in Northern NSW with accounts in primary industry, tourism, and media organisations.

After relocating to Sydney in 2002, I began a career in Web Project Management, and joined Folk as a Senior Digital Producer in 2011 where my key responsibilities including managing budgets, time lines, and resources of large projects – putting my project management experience to good use.

I also find time to indulge in hobbies including; playing bass guitar, photography, comic art, and experiencing Sydney’s live music scene.


Professional services, entertainment and gaming, primary industry, government departments, finance industry.