Be sure to register now for WebBlast March 2013 edition next Thursday, the 21st of March!

It’s a change of seasons, and with change comes an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals working and interested in all things web-related.

From conversations with past attendees, we’ve seen everyone from designers, developers, to legal-types, project managers, and entrepreneurs. A great opportunity to meet others outside of your circle and share ideas.

We’ll also be welcoming back the Australian SXSW attendees, who will no-doubt have much to share with us all.

Thanks to our sponsors Campaign Monitor, LaVolta, VirtualOffis, and EngineRoom, who will generously be providing drinks on the night.

Tickets available so register now!

We’ve got a policy of one ticket per registration. Let us know via email, Twitter, or telepathy if you can’t make it and we can free up your unneeded ticket.

So if you want to ensure your friends and colleagues are coming, Tweet/Facebook/LinkedIn or forward them this email so they can register for themselves.