photo: JJHalans

Yes, once again, it is the time of year for all web-oriented people in Sydney, interested in creating web experiences the right way, to gather and talk and swap cards and generally make merry that another year has successfully passed with a few more interesting sites with your name on it out there.

The webblast team has been begging our generous sponsors on your behalf to help support your gathering, networking and mingling, and we will be putting the final touches on the details this morning but otherwise, please keep your ears open on the twitter-stream for news that #webBlastSyd, the Christmas 2010 edition, is upon us.

We’d like to take this first opportunity to thank Campaign Monitor, Happener, Microsoft and Sassy SEO for their generous support, both in this upcoming event and many previous events. We hope you all take the opportunity to thank each of them personally on the night for their sponsorship of a few beers and nibbles on the night.

Tickets will be available later today, and the link posted here on the site and forwarded on twitter, so keep an eye on @webBlastSyd for the notice.

And, as mentioned before, please be circumspect and magnanimous with your reservations. Thanks to the kindness of our sponsors, the tickets are FREE, so if you can’t make the night, please let us know so we can recycle them to people who missed out on the first run. It’s the only fair way to treat your colleagues and peers!

Enough with the lecture! Good luck fellow webinistas!

Joe (and Alan and Caryn)